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Spring Web Flow: Exception does not get logged while using 'transition on-exception'

While using Spring Web Flow you may encounter problem that exception which gets caught at ‘transition on-exception’ doesn’t get logged.


Try to put following code into your handler method:

throw new RuntimeException();

and with following configuration in your *-flow.xml

<view-state id="errorView" view="error/generalError" />

    <transition on-exception="java.lang.Exception" to="errorView" />

exception won’t get logged.


You could fix it with following logFlowException method bellow:

package com.lukasgrygar.testapp.util;

import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

public class Util {

    private static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(Util.class);

     * Used to log exceptions handled by global transitions on-exception handler.
     * These exceptions aren't propagated either to FlowHandlerAdapter.handleException nor to AbstractFlowHandler.handleException.
     * @param rootCauseException
     * @param stateException
    public void logFlowException(Exception rootCauseException, Exception stateException) {
       if (rootCauseException != null) {
            log.error("logFlowException(): Unexpected flow exception.", rootCauseException);
        } else if (stateException != null) {
            log.error("logFlowException(): Unexpected flow exception.", stateException);
        } else {
            log.error("logFlowException(): Unexpected flow exception, but exception detail is missing. This shouldn't happen.");

And then you need to modify your *-flow.xml configuration file, to evaluate logFlowException method everytime an Exception occurs:

<view-state id="errorView" view="error/generalError" />

    <transition on-exception="java.lang.Exception" to="errorView">
        <evaluate expression="util.logFlowException(flashScope.rootCauseException, flashScope.stateException)" />

and don’t forget to add bean configuration to your context configuration file:

<bean id="util" class="com.lukasgrygar.testapp.util.Util" />

I’m using Spring Web Flow version 2.3.3.RELEASE.

I would like to give a credit to my senior colleague for this solution.

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